What the singers say .... ....

My friend and her daughter enjoyed themselves so much. They, like me, felt the warm atmosphere .... you are a real natural and your enthusiasm is infectious! They were amazed at the wonderful singing and harmonising.

Angela Brewer, Malvern

Your classes are so uplifting, with you, the singing and a room full of friends it doesn't get much better. I feel as if, thanks to you, I have entered a parallel universe of singing where life is just great. I just can't stop smiling when I sing.

Louise Jelley, Malvern

Thank you so much for a wonderful year of singing. I always feel uplifted after a Tuesday evening experience. Last night was no exception ..... it was spine chilling and I could feel the music flooding right through me.

Margaret Mason, Ross on Wye

Just to say the Singing Group was BRILLIANT, again, this evening - I really, really admire the energy you put into teaching us the songs - and love them!"

Jo Franks, Leominster

Singing at Canon Frome is always uplifting, inspiring and confidence-building.  A real joy to be part of a singing group that is open to all.

Elaine, Ross-on-Wye

My teacher on my first day at primary school told me at the age of five that I could not sing.  Forty years later, Ros has proved to me that everybody, including me, can sing - and have a laugh doing it!  Thank you!      

Nick Martin, Malvern

I come away joyful and nourished after singing.

Mary Barrett, Malvern

Ros's singing sessions are the perfect antidote to modern life - enlivening, relaxing and a whole lot of fun. The group is friendly and enthusiastic, and boy can we make good sounds!

Hannah, Malvern

I have never enjoyed myself so much, in such a short space of time, doing something I had never tried before! You are an inspirational teacher, making it easy for us newcomers to feel welcome and part of the group. I actually went away last evening feeling as if I could sing!!

Elaine, Ross-on-Wye

I go to both Ros's groups as I couldn't wait two weeks to have so much fun, laughter, joy, emotion and exhilaration in just two hours. Ros coaxes amazing harmonies and sounds; she believes you can do it and you do! Don't know how but it's magical. Come and find out for yourself!

Jen, West Malvern

Whatever mood I am in when I arrive, I often lift off into another realm .... so prepare for take off!

Shirley, Ledbury

It is one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had and at times very moving too. As well as just plain fun!

Kiki, Hereford

'Sounds like fun!'  It is fun!  Learn new songs.  Meet new people.  Have a great time.  Having been a non-singer for 50 years I have now, thanks to Ros, gained the confidence to use my voice. 

Gill Betts, Ledbury, age 64 yrs, Therapist

 I love singing with Ros, I love the beautiful songs and harmonies she chooses to teach and I always appreciate how much her energy and enthusiasm can enliven a whole room of singers. Ros' lightness of touch, capacity for laughter and ear for what makes a good song means singing with Natural Voices is a joy to look forward to.

Sophie Jones, Malvern Link


I go as often as I can to Natural Voices - no words to remember from meeting to meeting and Ros writes some of her own great songs.

John Stafford, Worcester