Your frequently asked questions ....


What do we sing?

What's the age range?

Will I have to sing on my own?

What if I 'can't' sing?


What do we sing?

I offer a variety of songs that I feel the singing groups will enjoy learning and will like the sound of, from straightforward rounds /  call & response songs to 3 or 4 part harmony songs and more complex pieces with several parts.

I teach everything by ear, using a process of 'lining out' - i.e. singing a line which the group sings back to me until we have pieced together the whole song.

I encourage singers to choose the part they want to sing based on the sound of it - how it resonates with them - rather than always singing high, low or in the middle. It is perfectly acceptable for a man with a low voice to sing, in his own register, a song part that would traditionally be sung by a high female voice, and vice versa.

In this way, one is not always singing the melody, or the drone, or the backing parts, but can move freely within the group and try on different singing identities from session to session and indeed from song to song. We sing in a circle, so it's always easy to move and switch to another song part if you change your mind!

I teach gospel, jazz, folk, world music, arrangements of songs for unaccompanied voice, original material which I write specifically for group singing, and songs written by other contemporary song writers or learned from fellow Natural Voice Practitioners.

The emphasis is on material which is some way uplifting, so the songs can be light-hearted, moving, tongue-twisting, meditative, beautiful, or downright silly .....

.....anything, in fact, which SOUNDS LIKE FUN!


What's the age range?

Adults of all ages are very welcome to both the singing groups and workshops.


Will I have to sing on my own?

No! No-one will be asked to sing on their own - ever!

You are always with a group of people singing the same part as you, so you need never feel exposed!

What if I 'can't' sing?

Many of the enquiries I receive are from people who think they can't sing or have had their ability to sing questioned by others ......

In fact, some people call me twenty, thirty or even forty years after being told at school to 'stand at the back and mime' (what a terribly damaging thing to say to an expressive, impressionable child!), having rediscovered their desire to sing, but having no confidence in their vocal abilities.

My reponse? Every voice is welcome!


It is our birthright to have an opportunity to sing with other people.

If people haven't sung for many years, it can be a bit like suddenly going to the gym after not exercising for years. It can take a while to develop our listening 'muscle' again, which allows us to reproduce the sound we're hearing (singing is as much about listening as it is about vocalising)!

But, like exercise, it gets easier the more you do it, you just need to start doing it!

AND ......

All voices are welcome

All voices have something unique to bring to the group 

All voices contribute to the astonishing sound of natural singers uniting

in harmony - true community singing for everyone!